Blog posts

  • Simplifying python unittests using `inspect`


    I ran into a mildly interesting problem of wanting to run the same unit tests on multiple functions of a class without having to call each function individually, this is a short writeup of how I solved this problem and in the process found a nice way to only have to write a minimal number of tests

  • A minimal modern deep learning cloud setup


    During my machine learning course I realized how critical it can be to have a stable performant machine learning setup from the get-go, so this is just an overview of how my workflow was in the end.

  • Avoiding converter websites with linux utilities


    This is a collection of linux utilities that can replace any converter website you need, and can also be used offline

  • Adding markdown with latex to svelte


    A basic guide that quickly introduces how to add mdsvex and proper markdown latex support to your svelte project.

  • Optimizing Julia


    A guide to optimizing julia code, includes alot of resources I found quite helpful and also points out some things to look out for.