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Published at Oct 1, 2021

VU/CS/Amst Guide

When I first came to the VU I found it rather hard to quickly get an overview of the essential things about life in Amsterdam at the VU. So myself, and eventually along with others, created a guide to hopefully help incoming students of not just CS but really any faculty have a quick and easy reference to some important resources.

The guide is by no means comprehensive, but its an excellent starting point, in 2023 I think turned the original guide into a gitbook so it would look overall more professional but especially just work better on mobile making it potentially easier to share.

> VU/CS/AMST Guide

Scala Guide

I quite enjoyed working with scala at university additionally I felt the quiz format the prof created was an interesting approach to learning the compexities of a language. So I thought that I would use my notes on these quizzes and scala and transform them into a guide for the language as a hole, in the sort of fast paced fashion alot of modern stuff is written.

> Scala Guide

CS Hub

I collaborated on this project with another student. Together we consolidated resources and notes from the Discord server and other sources to create a centralized location people can get high quality information from, completely for free. This has helped thousands of students based on our analytics and feedback from students.

> CS Hub