Kai Erik Niermann

Blog posts


  • PBRT.jl

    This is a small physically based rendering system implemented in Julia and benchmarked against Python and C++ implementations

  • tech-interview-prep

    This is a collection of some materials to prep for technical interviews. It includes solutions to common problem along with a docs page explaning the thought process and a test suite using pytest.

  • Plant Trait detection deep learning

    This project was an application of multi-input multi-output CNNs to detecting mean plant traits. The projected included data pre-processing, data-analysis, model building and training, model evaluation and a final report.

  • FenneC Language Support

    This project aims to provide support for the FenneC language in the form of C-style syntax highlighting and basic snippets. The motivation for this being to help students taking the Compiler Construction course at VU Amsterdam.

  • Notion Converter

    This project is an approach at correctly converting notion files based on parsing and fixing the html notion emits and having pandoc do the actual conversion work.

  • Live OCR Translator

    A translation application written in Rust; utilising tesseract and deepl; which aims to bridge the gap bridge the gap of existing methods by working universally with any text on your computer (e.g. image, pdf, video, doc) as efficiently as possible with just the click of a button.

  • Sister city visualizer

    This project is a look into visualizing the sister-cities of the world using networkx and pyvis and trying to see if we can gain an interesting insights.

  • Flashcard agg

    Little project which allows people to combine their anki decks for similar topics. Using a basic bash script to concatenate the flash cards and a workflow to continously update the releases.

  • Julia Ray Tracer

    Basic ray tracer written in the Julia Programming Language.

  • Docker nginx web server

    A basic and secure web server configuration built using nginx, docker compose and hosted via digital ocean with an automatic deployment workflow.

  • Portfolio page

    The page you are currently on, written using SvelteKit and TypeScript. Additionally I am using mdsvex to render the markdown. The page is hosted using vercel.

  • Q&A Discord bot

    Simple Q&A Discord Bot created to make asking questions a more streamlined and clear on discord. In addition to a website which can interact with the bot to allow non-discord users to also help out.

  • Data Analysis Discord bot

    Discord bot whos purpose is to use various methods of data collection and analysis for entertaining purposes.

  • Notes pages

    A collection of various websites and notes I've created during my studies to assist students including a scala guide, course notes and university guide.


  • Teaching assistant

    Teaching assistant position for the courses Web Technology and Computer Programming Project.